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Group Encounters


:Group Encounters 


how to go beyond your limits

Under group meetings are small events for single women or couples who want to have a total experience, interacting with three or more boys. The experience is straight.

Gang bang is a particular type of orgy in which a woman or a man has sex with three or more men in turns or at the same time; this may include an indefinite number of participants.

Now Fiestas Under organize them. They arise at the request of our community, which has told us how complex it is to generate this type of experience, due to the difficulties in finding candidates, anonymity and security.

As is our characteristic, our events are of an excellent level, and we are very careful with the selection of candidates. The women or host couples can participate in the selection process, and the event will only take place when it has their approval.

For the boys, this event gives them guarantees of seriousness, and that all those who will attend are of a similar level, which contributes to their tranquility and confidence.

By definition, they will be quiet meetings, focused on sharing and having a good time.


  1. "NOTHING JEALOUS" if you are jealous, or can't manage time, or when you drink, you can't control it, please don't show up
  2. "TURNO" if the model wants to be with a man by herself that moment must respect and wait, everything will be taken care of ...
  3. "TOTAL DISCRETION" no device can be in the event, it will be inspected and saved if it has
  4. "RESPECT" may not hit, offend, physically or verbally any participant or model
  5. "HEALTH" all participants have to be with a condom, nothing is natural, change of condom during the event
  6. "HIEGE" as men and women shaved in the intimate parts and can presence if you do not have it, you do not participate
  7. "TOLERANCE" where several men will have sex with a girl, for which there is a high probability that at some point she decides to have a double vaginal or double vaginal anal penetration, or to give oral sex to two penises at the same time, and therefore Therefore, there is also a high probability that there is a rose between penises, testicles, etc. or even suddenly receive a spurt of semen on your leg or hand
  8. "FIRST IS THE GIRL" Something you have to be very clear about is that the main purpose of the gang bang is to satisfy the girl, she is the main focus of the event, not you. It sounds harsh but it's reality
  9. "NO; IT IS NO" if the model or the guest does not want to do something and does not want to and you force her, we will proceed to remove him from the event


  • there is private security
  • Once the event is over, it is not accepted that any participant is in the place
  • Hosts must go to the place, in an accessible sector, with privacy guarantees.
  • They are held on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, during the morning or afternoon or evening (hours to be agreed with the couple or applicant woman).


If you want to participate in a GangBang, sign up here:

We decide if you apply for the event or not